The 5 Best Chameleon Paints Guide: Product Reviews and Tips

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Many people don’t know what Chameleon Paints are and why they should be using them. Chameleon paints, also known as color-shift paints, change colors depending on the light source. They were initially developed for use in military camouflage.

What are Chameleon Paints

Chameleon Paints are also known as color-changing paints. They are a type of paint that changes colors depending on the source of light, temperature, and angle. It was invented by artist Spencer Finch in 2006 for an art installation to show how nature can change its appearance based on circumstance.

Chameleon Paint comprises two layers: The top layer contains pigments that reflect various wavelengths, while the bottom layer reflects heat from sources like sunlight, artificial light, or body heat. Combining these two layers creates a dynamic surface that constantly shifts between colors with just slight variations in light conditions.

Chameleon paints come in different brands and styles, which will be discussed later in this article, but all share certain qualities such as being non-toxic, water-based, and safe to use on just about any surface.

How Do They Work

5 Best Chameleon Paints Guide: Product Reviews and Tips

Chameleon paints are a revolutionary new type of paint that can change colors based on the surface they’re applied to. They work by using advanced nano-technology, which reacts with light, heat, and humidity to transform into any color you want. You can use them anywhere, from walls to furniture, even fabrics like clothing! But how do they work? It all depends on your needs.

How Do I Apply It

The best way is with an airbrush sprayer or roller for large areas or small brushes for detail work. If you want to create a dramatic effect, try applying the Chameleon paint over another color so that its pattern emerges as it dries. This method will give you a result similar to what happens when wearing clothes in the rain.

Why You Should Use Them

Painting models that are to be used in gaming or animation is a tricky task. The color of the model will not always match what you see on your screen, and it can be challenging to get an even coat when using regular paints. Chameleon Paints solve these problems by matching colors perfectly and providing a thick paint that helps with coverage.

Top 5 Chameleon Paints – Comparison Table

Reviews of The Top 5 Chameleon Paints on The Market

1. Iridescent Chameleon Acrylic Paint 12 Colors

Iridescent Acrylic Paint 12 Colors
Iridescent Acrylic Paint 12 Colors

Shimmery iridescent colors are drying smooth, so you can create beautiful art to decorate any surface. We have vibrant color paint for every project!
High-quality pigments provide six amazing effects – satin, pearl, iridescent, opalescent & two-tone (duo) color paints. Try them out now 12pc pack of shimmery captivating opaque acrylic paints awaits you!

  • INK LAB Iridescent acrylic paint blends easily and dries quickly for artists with a variety of projects.
  • The paints can be used by both beginners and professionals to create beautiful masterpieces.
  • The paints are safe, nontoxic for most people.
  • There is a range of colors that can be purchased, so the user has a vast selection which is helpful when they are trying to create a specific project.
  • Although it is not specified, the container only holds 12 colors, so this area has a limited selection.

2. HissiCo, Set of 16 Chameleon Paint 60ml

HissiCo, Set of 16 Chameleon Colors 60ml
HissiCo, Set of 16 Chameleon Colors 60ml

Our Iridescent Acrylic Paint Set is an excellent tool for artists, chasers of bright colors, and little ones! With 16 versatile paints to choose from, it has the power to make anything look fantastic. These water-based acrylics produce high-quality results with minimal effort and are suitable for almost any surface – papier-mache, canvas board, or even cardboard! Colors are transparent with a shimmery finish that can be reproduced on black or white covers. They also have great staying power without cracking or fading over time. From museums to zoos, children’s museums to carnivals, our Iridescent Acrylic Paint will surely captivate you wherever you go!

  • Non-toxic and fade resistant paint
  • The colors are beautiful!
  • Colors work well on both black and white surfaces
  • Different colors have different performance and effects; they can be used to create custom colors
  • The consistency is pretty inconsistent by color, some good, some bad. If you primarily use blue or dark colors as I do, you may want to avoid this set because it’s hard to get them mixed to the perfect consistency it takes for those specific colors

3. Abeier Set of 18 Chameleon Paint

Abeier Set of 18 Chameleon Colors
Abeier Set of 18 Chameleon Colors

One of the most incredible paint sets EVER! In this modern age, chameleon colors are all the rage. And who can blame us? The creativity that comes from interpreting a painting is limitless with iridescent paints. Imagine what you want to be and then create it with a shapeshifting rainbow palette of 18 chameleon paints! Relaxation has never been so colorful, as these multi-color brushstrokes unfold nature’s beauty right before your eyes. These enamel powders have an excellent lightfastness and gloss finish for lasting color brilliance, making them great for artists or anyone looking for a fun time crafting their own masterpieces. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors on walls, paper, glass rocks, among other surfaces, each loaded of paint comes in a conveniently sized plastic bottle with a cap to keep your colors safe. This set is ideal for kids, beginners, and anyone who wants to add some color to their life!

  • Excellent lightfastness and gloss finish
  • There is a nice range of colors
  • The paints dry quickly and do not smudge
  • They are lightfast, but I don’t know the colorfastness yet
  • Some of the colors were not vibrant; they needed more mixtures

4. Shuttle Art 16 Colors Chameleon Paint

Shuttle Art 16 Colors Chameleon Colors Acrylic Paint
Shuttle Art 16 Colors Chameleon Colors Acrylic Paint

The creative expression needs a constant supply of beautiful colors. With the Shuttle Art Chameleon Colors Acrylic Paint Set, your endless creativity can take flight! These premium-grade paints are rich in pigment and have an iridescent effect for maximum performance on black or white surfaces. They also offer different products, so you can experiment with various styles to discover the perfect one for any project.
This exciting paint set includes 16 beautifully bright colors that will inspire new ideas. The pots of goodness contain 60ml/2oz of premium quality paint each, so they’ll last through many projects on canvas or paper—or even be used outside as eye-catching accent pieces on your home’s exterior décor!

  • Very affordable
  • 16 colors to choose from
  • Mixes well
  • Metallic finish
  • Great for use on various surfaces
  • Dries quickly and stays on very well
  • No replacement colors are available if anything is messed up. Returning the whole set is necessary

5. U.S. Art Supply Professional Luminescent Special Effect 12 Chameleon Paint

U.S. Art Supply Professional Luminescent Special Effect 12 Chameleon Color
U.S. Art Supply Professional Luminescent Special Effect 12 Chameleon Color

Create beautifully shimmering chameleon effects with these high-intensity acrylic paint colors! These safe, kid-friendly paints also have a soft consistency and excellent adhesion. You can use it to create your artistic vision on many different surfaces– from canvas, wood, fabric, paper…to rocks!

For those who don’t know what luminescent color is, now you’ll never miss out. This innovative product will keep you fascinated as the paint shifts to a new color before your eyes. So stop watching that movie or TV series–get creative instead!

  • wide variety of colors
  • easy to blend
  • double-sided color wheel for mixing colors
  • challenging to see wet paint once it sets up

Tips for Painting With Chameleon Paint

  • Use a primer or white paint to help keep colors from seeping into other parts of the surface.
  • Chameleon paint is typically mixed with a clear spray sealant; check the can for specific instructions.
  • Apply multiple light coats of your Chameleon paint to avoid drips and bubbles.
  • When you’re painting with chameleon paints, be sure to use an object that’s the same color as the object you’re painting on. This will help avoid accidentally ruining your project with streaks or smears.

FAQs About Using Chameleon Paint

Is it okay to mix chameleon paints?

It is not advisable to mix the one-color chameleon paints. I recommend using buffered white acrylic paint to lighten or block in darker places than you want them. Remember that chameleon paints are transparent, leaving your white backgrounds visible so you can easily see where they’ve been applied.

You may also use plain acrylics with Acryl medium mixed in with them for glazing and blending colors or diluting color intensity.

What is the best color to use with Chameleon paint?

The best color to use with Chameleon paint is one that contrasts nicely with the underlying tone. This will create a nice juxtaposition in the final product, so it’s essential to think about both elements before proceeding. For example, if you want a showy orange topcoat over white paint, a tan would be your best contrast for this desired effect. Color is hard to change. You cannot do that if you have a dark color. There are no colors that would go with that when you lighten it.

How does chameleon paintwork?

Chameleon paints are created by suspending particles of different colors in a transparent or translucent paint base. The particles will cling to one another when the paint is brushed on, but when dry, they’ll hold still like tiny round balls spaced evenly throughout the canvas. When scratched off with an implement such as your fingernails, the particle color will come out any place it was underneath (i.e., wherever you painted that color). By carefully scratching with your fingernails around everything that you want to be black (for instance), all traces of black disappear, and you’re left with whatever other colors happened to be there before you started scratching.

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