Airbrushing is a technique used in the artwork where an artist applies paint with a spray gun, airbrush.

The modern invention of the airbrush has its roots dating back to the 1800s for photographic retouching work that needed to be done. In 1910, an American named Earl Horter began exploring his new patent “airbrush.” He would soon establish the first airbrush company, The Detroit Air Brush Manufacturing Co. Years later, a German man named Walter Flex created a more reliable version of this tool and started another company called Iwata.

During World War II, Japan developed what we know today as the medical airbrush, which was being used for simulated suntans. In the 1950s, automotive designers began using this tool to apply paint to particular areas (trim lines, lettering, etc.).

Today, many military models use an airbrush for painting camouflage patterns on tanks and aircraft. Airbrushes are also used in movies for unique effects makeup like scars, blood spatter, and bruises.

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