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What is Airbrush Cleaning Pot and How Does It Work?




Airbrush Cleaning Pot: What is it and How Does It Work?

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Hey there friends! Have you ever stopped to think about the little things that make airbrushing such a breeze? Well, let me tell you about the airbrush cleaning pot. It’s a little gem of a tool that makes keeping your airbrush in tip-top shape a cinch.

So what exactly is an airbrush cleaning pot? It’s a small tank that you fill with cleaning solution and use to flush out any leftover particles from previous airbrushing sessions. This is crucial because those particles can cause problems down the line and ruin your next masterpiece. Trust me, I learned this the hard way after my first airbrushing session left me with a clogged up mess.

But don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself. Fill up the pot with your favorite cleaning solution, attach it to your airbrush, and give it a good flush. You’ll be amazed at all the gunk that comes out! And you’ll also feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that your airbrush is ready for action.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, “Do I really need to use an airbrush cleaning pot? Can’t I just rinse it out with water?” Well, my friends, I’ve got a personal anecdote for you. I tried that once and it was a disaster. The water just wasn’t enough to get all the particles out and my airbrush was ruined. So save yourself the hassle and invest in an airbrush cleaning pot.

What is an Airbrush Cleaning Pot

What is an Airbrush Cleaning Pot

An airbrush cleaning pot is a device used to clean airbrushes. It can be made from various materials, including plastic, metal, or glass. The airbrush cleaning pot is filled with a solvent that dissolves the paint in the airbrush. This allows you to clean the airbrush without having to take it apart.

The airbrush cleaning tank helps you to clean your airbrush without getting the spray solution on you. This is done by having a filter on the outlet side of the lid that catches any spray material. Most airbrush cleaning pots will also come with a brush to help you clean the airbrush.

How Does it Work?

An airbrush cleaning pot helps clean your airbrush. It does this by trapping any atomized material inside the jar and filtering the exiting air via the filter on the outlet side of the lid.

The cleaning pot helps you flush any cleaning solution or medium without exposing yourself to the particles created when the material is atomized.

When spraying a lot of material through the airbrush, like cleaning it or using the last of the paint, you are at risk of getting sick.

This is because the air is most contaminated when a lot of material is sprayed through the airbrush.

Using a cleaning pot helps reduce atomized material in your lungs. This is because the cleaning pot will contain the material inside the jar.

I started airbrushing without using a cleaning pot. I quickly found out that it was a bad idea. The air near the airbrush became very dirty because of all the over-spray. I had to hold my breath when I flushed the airbrush. It was not fun.

How to Use an Airbrush Cleaning Pot

How to Use an Airbrush Cleaning Pot

Cleaning your airbrush is important to maintain the quality of your work and extend the lifespan of your equipment. An airbrush cleaning pot can make the process easier, faster, and less messy. Here’s how to use one:

  1. Fill the cup with cleaner – You’ll need enough cleaner to completely submerge the tip of your airbrush. Any airbrush cleaner will work, but we recommend using a dedicated cleaner like our Iwata Airbrush Cleaner.
  2. Attach the airbrush – Once the cup is filled, screw on the airbrush so that the tip is submerged in the liquid. Make sure that there is a tight seal between the cup and airbrush so that no liquid leaks.
  3. Start spraying – Press down on the trigger and start spraying. The air and cleaner mixture will come out of the airbrush and into the cup. Keep spraying until the liquid coming out of the airbrush is clear.
  4. Detach and rinse – Once the airbrush is clean, unscrew it from the cup and rinse off any remaining cleaner with water.

You’re now ready to get back to painting!

I was lucky to find an airbrush that I am completely satisfied with. I wrote a review about it here.

Benefits of Using an Airbrush Cleaning Pot

Cleaning your airbrush regularly is important to maintain its performance and longevity. An airbrush cleaning pot can make the task easier and less messy.

Here are some benefits of using an airbrush cleaning pot: 

  • Easier to clean: You can easily see when the paint cup needs to be emptied and the parts that need to be cleaned.
  • Less mess: All the paint and solvent goes into the pot, so there’s no splattering or dripping on your work surface.
  • Saves time: A quick rinse in the sink is all that’s usually needed between colors, so you can get back to painting sooner.
  • Convenient: You need everything in one place – airbrush, paint cup, solvent, and paper towels.
  • Better for the environment: Using a cleaning pot reduces the amount of solvent needed and waste produced.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when using an airbrush cleaning pot: 

  • You’ll need to empty and clean the pot regularly.
  • Make sure the parts are dry before reassembling your airbrush.
  • Be careful not to overfill the pot – it should only be half full at most.
  • Solvents can be flammable, so use caution when handling them.

Overall, an airbrush cleaning pot is a convenient way to keep your airbrush clean and in good working condition. And, it’s better for the environment too!

Tips for Keeping Your Airbrush Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Airbrush Clean

Here are some tips for keeping your airbrush clean. I’ve been using airbrushes for a long time, so these are the steps that I do almost automatically:

  1. Keep your airbrush clean and free of paint residue to ensure optimal performance and prevent clogging.
  2. Always disassemble your airbrush after use and clean all the individual parts with warm water and a mild detergent.
  3. Use an airbrush cleaning pot to flush out the internals of your airbrush with solvent.
  4. Make sure you allow your airbrush’s parts to dry completely before reassembling it.
  5. Store your airbrush in a safe place when not in use, preferably in its original box or case.

Now that you have completed these steps, you can relax and watch an episode of Rick and Morty without worrying about the airbrush 🙂


In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend this cutting-edge product to any airbrush owner looking for a hassle-free and dependable solution to airbrush maintenance. The airbrush cleaning pot is a must-have for anyone who takes their airbrushing seriously and demands the best in quality and performance. Don’t let subpar cleaning systems hinder your airbrush’s full potential – upgrade to the airbrush cleaning pot and experience the ultimate in airbrush maintenance technology.


How do you use Harbor Freight airbrush cleaning bottles?

The Harbor Freight airbrush cleaning bottles are very easy to use. Simply fill the bottle with the cleaner of your choice, attach the airbrush tip, and press the spray button. You can also use this bottle to clean your compressor.

What can I use to clean an airbrush?

You can use several things to clean an airbrush, such as water, isopropyl alcohol, or a special cleaner designed for airbrushes. However, you should never use gasoline or kerosene to clean an airbrush, as these products can damage the delicate parts of the instrument.

Can you use water to clean out an airbrush?

Yes, you can use water to clean an airbrush; however, it is not the best method. Water can cause the paint to build up and clog the airbrush tip. You should use a cleaner specifically designed for airbrushes to clean out the instrument.

Hey there! I’m Richard Baker, a miniature painter who’s been in the game for a solid decade now. I’ve been painting miniatures for ten years and I’ve got a ton of tips and tricks to share with you all. My website is a treasure trove of knowledge that I’ve gathered from both my own personal experiences and from reading all sorts of books.

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4 responses to “What is Airbrush Cleaning Pot and How Does It Work?”

  1. Ned Avatar

    I’m new to airbrushing and was wondering if the cleaning pot is suitable for all types of airbrushes?

    1. Richard Avatar

      Yes, most airbrush cleaning pots are designed to be compatible with various airbrush models. However, always ensure that the connection between your airbrush and the cleaning pot is secure to prevent any leaks. It’s a great tool to have in your kit to maintain your airbrush in top condition.

  2. Hank45544 Avatar

    Hey there! I’ve been airbrushing for a while but never really thought about getting a cleaning pot. How often should I be cleaning my airbrush if I use it frequently?

    1. Richard Avatar

      It’s essential to clean your airbrush after every use, especially if you’re switching between different paint colors or types. Regular cleaning prevents paint residue buildup, which can lead to clogging and affect the performance of your airbrush. An airbrush cleaning pot makes this process easier and more efficient.

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