Iwata Airbrush Markings

  • By: Richard
  • Date: February 26, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

In the beguiling realm of airbrushing, Iwata reigns supreme as a purveyor of expertly crafted airbrushes that leave one gasping in awe at their intricate designs and unparalleled performance. Yet, in a stroke of ingenious design, Iwata has found a way to imbue their airbrushes with a distinctive engraving that bears testimony to their impeccable craftsmanship – the all-important markings that denote the year and month of manufacture.

A discerning eye might first chance upon the final two letters of the engraving that adorn the Iwata airbrush, but these seemingly innocuous letters belie a deeper significance. The letter that precedes the last one is a tell-tale sign of the year of manufacture, while the one that precedes it, a harbinger of the month.

As a wise consumer, it behooves you to acquaint yourself with the Iwata airbrush markings before you decide to make a purchase.

Behold, the airbrush pictured below is emblazoned with the marking “CS.” And lo and behold, when you peruse the markings table, your mind shall be struck with a revelation – this airbrush was forged in the fires of Iwata’s immaculate manufacturing facilities in September (S) of the year of our Lord 2003 (C).

Iwata Airbrush Markings

Here is a comparative table of Iwata airbrush markings, including the corresponding year and month of manufacture:

Marking Year (First letter of marking) Month (Second letter of marking)
A 2022 January
B 2023 February
C 2003 (2024) March
D 2004 April
E 2005 May
F 2006 June
G 2007 July
H 2008 August
J 2009 September
K 2010 October
L 2011 November
M 2012 December
P 2013
R 2014
S 2015
T 2016
U 2017
W 2018
X 2019
Y 2020
Z 2021

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