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Paint Comparison Chart




Paint Comparison: The Perfect Choice of Colors

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Yo, so I was in the middle of creating a work of art the other day, you know, painting my latest masterpiece. But all of a sudden, I realized I was all out of the color I needed. I was like, “NOOOOOOO!”

I didn’t have time to run to the store, so I turned to the trusty old internet for help. And let me tell you, the internet did not disappoint. I found this crazy chart that listed all the known equivalents for different paint colors.

I was like, “Whoa, this is amazing!” So, I matched up the hex code for the color I needed and ordered a batch online. And you know what, the paint turned out to be the exact shade I was looking for. #Winning!

Paint Range Compatibility Chart

ColourNew Citadel 5Old CitadelVallejo Game ColorVallejo Model ColorINSTAR 6INSTAR VintageRackhamReaper MasterPrivateer Press P3 4Coat D’arms 3Army PainterScale 75Hex Code
 White ScarSkull White 1Dead White (001)White (951)Arctic White Eternal White (1)Pure White (9039)Morrow whiteWhite (101)Matt White (WP1102)White MattFFFFFF
 Ceramite WhiteSmelly Primer 1White Primer (002)Foundation White (919)Arctic White  Brush-on Primer (9108)Morrow whiteGrey Primer (141)  FFFFFF
 Kislev fleshPallid Flesh 1Pale Flesh (003)Light Flesh (928)Caramel Pearly Flesh (31)Rosy Highlight (9069)Ryn FleshFlesh (213)Kobold SkinPale Skin MattEEC8C7
 Bestigor FleshElf Flesh 1Elf Skintone (004)Flat Flesh (955)  Craggy Skin (30)Rosy Highlight 2 (9069) Elven Flesh (123)  F7BD7B
 Dorn yellow 2Bad Moon Yellow 1Bad Moon Yellow (005)Lemon Yellow (952)   Clear Yellow (9095) Dusky Yellow (146)  FFF700
 Flash Gitz YellowSunburst Yellow 1Sunblast Yellow (006)Flat YellowBrilliant YellowIV-29 7Lahn Yellow (40)Sun Yellow (9008) Sun Yellow (103)Demonic Yelow (WP1107) FFE700
 Yriel YellowGolden Yellow 1Gold Yellow (007)Golden Yellow (948)  Royal Yellow (39)Marigold Yellow (9007)HeartfireGolden Yellow (159) Sol Yellow MattFFCE00
 Tallarn SandDesert Yellow 1Desert Yellow (063)Dark Yellow (978) IV-30 7 Faded Khaki (9129)  Desert Yellow (WP1121)Sahara Yellow Matt9C8855
 Jokaero OrangeMacharius Solar Orange 1Heavy Orange (152)German Orange (805)Sunset OrangeIV-17Phoenix Red (9005)     EE3823
 Fire Dragon BrightFiery Orange 1Orange Fire (008)Light Orange (911)  Merin’s Fire (38)Fire Orange (9006) Flame Orange (105)Prison Jumpsuit (WP1211 Zombiecide) FF8552
 Troll Slayer OrangeBlazing Orange 1Hot Orange (009)Scarlet (817)  Fusion Red (37)Phoenix Red (9005) Burnt Orange (147)Mythical Orange (WP1442) F46C2E
 Mephiston RedMechrite Red 1Heavy Red (141)Red (926)Crimson RedIV-07 Clotted Red (9134)  Vampire Red (WP1460) 991115
 Evil Sunz ScarletBlood Red 1Bloody Red (010)Vermillion (909)Burnt RedIV-27 7Rackham Red (36)Clear Red (9094) Blood Red (104)Pure Red (WP1104)Antares RedC21920
 Wild Rider Red   Racing Red     Mars Red (WP1436) EB2E28
 Wazdakka RedRed Gore 1Gory Red (011)Cavalry Brown (982)  Natural Leather (34)Carnage Red (9135) Vampire Red (129)Dragon Red (WP1105)Indian Shadow940008
 Khorne RedScab Red 1Scarlett Red (012)Carmine Red (908)Wine RedIV-01Arcavia Red (35)Deep Red (9002)  Chaotic Red (WP1142) (too dark/brown)Deep Red Matt6A0002
 Emperor’s ChildrenTentacle Pink 1Squid Pink (013)Pink (958)Dark Pink Friend Flesh (33)Pale Violet 2 (9027)Carnal PinkShocking Pink (144)  EF9CB5
 Screamer PinkWarlock Purple 1Warlord Purple (014)Magenta (945)Dark Maroon Celestial Pink (46)Pale Violet Red (9027)Murderous MagentaWarlock Purple (157) Fuchsia Matt9C004A
 Xereus PurpleLiche Purple 1Hexed Lichen (015)Royal Purple (810) IV-34 7Divine Purple (6)Clear Plum (9132)Beaten PurplePoison Purple (118)Alien Purple (WP1128) 5A005A
 Naggaroth NightImperial Purple 1Royal Purple (016)Royal Purple (810)Dark Purple  Deep Amethyst (9079) Amethest Purple (160)  562F7E
  Nauseating Blue 1Sick Blue (017)Violet 2 (960)   Clear Purple (9099)Bad BruiseNauseous Blue (162)  412A7A
  Storm Blue 1Stormy Blue (018)Blue (925)  Migol Blue (5)Ritterlich Blue 2 (9115)    27357E
  Midnight Blue 1Night Blue (019)Dark sea blue  Abyssal Blue (3)Ultramarine Shadow (9187)    000031
 Kantor BlueRegal Blue 1Imperial Blue (020)Dark Prussian blueMarianas Blue  Brilliant Blue (9116) Royal Blue (110)Deep Blue (WP1116) 08085A
 Altdorf Guard BlueUltramarine BlueUltra Marine Blue (022)Ultramarine (839) IV-28 7Wizard Blue 2 (7)Ultramarine Highlight 2 (9189) Marine Blue (148)Ultramarine Blue (WP1115) 29397B
 Macragge BlueMordian Blue 1Heavy Blue (143)Prussian Blue (965)Deep Water Blue  Breonne Blue (9055)   Navy Blue Matt2D567C
 Caledor SkyEnchanted Blue 1Magic Blue (021)Dark Blue (930)Sapphire Blue Ephren Blue (4)Cyan Blue 2 (9117)Cygnar Blue HighlightWizard Blue (114)Crystal Blue 31639C
 Lothern BlueIce BlueIce Blue (095)Azure 2 (902)/ Deep Sky Blue  Glacier Blue (9)   Voidshield Blue (WP1452)Sky Blue6B9CCE
 Teclis BlueLightning Bolt Blue 1Electric Blue (023)Sky Blue (961)Bright Blue Sacred Blue 2 (8)Sky Blue 2 (9018) High Elf Blue (117)Electric Blue (WP1113) 8BB9DD
 Sotek GreenHawk TurquoiseFalcon Turquoise (024)Light Turquoise (840)  Precious Blue (12)Marine Teal (9077)Meredius BlueAquamarine (132)Hydra Turquoise (WP1141)Adriatic Blue Matt006B5A
 Sybarite GreenVile Green 1Foul Green (025)Park Green Flat (969)  Antique Green (13)     82C59C
 Kabalite GreenJade Green 1Jade Green (026)Emerald (838)   Reptilian Greens Triad 2 (9184/9185/9186)EldritchJade Green 2 (158)  069B7D
  Scaly Green 1Scurf/Scurvey Green (027)Emerald (838)  Chitin Green (19)Clear Viridian (9131)    026B67
 Caliban GreenDark Angels Green 1Dark Green (028)Deep Green (970)Military GreenIV-15 7Diisha Green (18)Pine Green 2 (9010)Gnarls Green 2Dark Elf Green (111)Angel Green (WP1112) 005221
 Warpstone GlowSnot Green 1Sick Green (029)Intermediate Green (891)Grass Green Avagddu Green (17)Clear Green (9096)Ioson GreenBogey Green (121) Irati Green106B21
 Warboss GreenGoblin Green 1Goblin Green (030)Pastel Green (885) IV-13 7Chasm Green (16)Field Green 2 (9167) Goblin Green (108)Goblin Green (WP1109) 63B521
 Elysian GreenCamo Green 1Camouflage Green (031)Olive Green (967)   Camoflage Green 2 (9177)   Ardenes Green MattA5A542
 Moot GreenScorpion Green 1Scorpy Green (032)Light Green (942)Lime Green Quithayran Green (14)Pale Green (9012)Necrotite GreenScorpion Green (152) Spring GreenA5D610
  Bilious Green 1Livery Green (033)Yellow Green 2 (954)  Mystic Green (15)Spring Green 2 (9146)    A9D171
 Castellan GreenCatachan Green 1Cayman Green (067)Olive Grey (888)Jungle Green  Muddy Olive (9034)   Boreal Green Matt455440
 Waaagh! FleshOrkhide Shade 1Heavy Blackgreen (147)Black Green (980)Pine GreenIV-10 Jungle Moss (9082)   Black384E49
 Loren ForestKnarloc Green 1Heavy Green (146)Luftwaffe Ca. Green (823) IV-22 Olive Drab (9158)  Army Green (WP1110) 434F38
 Deathworld ForestGretchin Green 1Heavy Khaki (149)Russian Uniform WW2 (70.924)Savannah GreenIV-25 Worn Olive (9159)  Venom Wyrm (WP1461) 5D6732
 Straken Green           628026
 Nurgling GreenRotting Flesh 1Dead Flesh (035)Green sky  Dead Flesh (11)Pale Olive (9036)Jack BonePutrid Green (125)Necrotic Flesh 849B63|
 Ushabti BoneBleached Bone 1Bonewhite (034)Buff (976)Dust BrownIV-38 7Wildcat Gray 2 (42)Yellowed Bone (9143)Menoth White BaseBone (112)Skeleton Bone (WP1125)Golden Skin MattEFD9A8
 Zandri DustKommando Khaki 1Khaki (061)G. Cam.Beige (821)Golden Brown  Terran Khaki (9122)   Thar Brown Matt9E915C
 Pallid Wych Flesh           CDCEBE
 Screaming Skull  Ivory (918)    Menoth White Highlight  White Sands MattF0F1CE
  Bronzed Flesh 1Bronze Flesh (036)Dark Flesh (927)   Burnt Orange 2 (9111) Tanned Flesh (115)  F7944A
 Tau Light OchreVomit Brown 1Filthy Brown (037)Beige Red 2 IV-11
IV-12 7
Tanned Skin (29)Tanned Leather (9031)Rucksack TanBilious Brown (130)  DE9408
 Ratskin FleshDwarf Flesh 1Dwarf Skin (041)Brown SandBronzed Flesh  Rosy Skin (9068) Dwarven Flesh (124)Barbarian Flesh (WP1126) F78C5A
 Bugman’s GlowTanned Flesh 1Tan (066) Sunburnt Flesh  Antique Rose (9139)Khardic Flesh Tanned Flesh (WP1127 )Kalahari Orange MattA95C3E
  Leprous Brown 1Scrofulous Brown (038)Gold Brown (877)   Saffron Sunset 2 (9182) Leprous Brown (156)  D88E2D
 Zamesi DesertBubonic Brown 1Plague Brown (039)Yellow Ochre (913)Mustard YellowIV-32 7Forgotten Gold (25)Palomino Gold (9074)Moldy OchreFestering Brown (126) Iroko MattC68400
 Balor BrownSnakebite Leather 1Cobra Leather /Leather Brown (040)Brown Sand (876) IV-31 7Kalliene Yellow (23)Chestnut Gold (9073) Barbarian Leather (116)2  9C6B08
 Balor BrownTausept Ochre 1Heavy Ochre (150)Ochre Brown (856) IV-21 Half Orc Highlight (9204)    976F3C
 Skrag BrownVermin Brown 1Parasite Brown (042)Orange Brown (981) IV-14 7Syhar Soil (24)Chestnut Brown 2 (9071) Rat Brown (119) Mars Orange Matt843910
 Rhinox HideScorched Brown 1Charred Brown (045)Burnt Umber (941) 2Chocolate BrownIV-37 7Dirty Leather (20)Muddy Brown (9028)Umbral Umber2  Black Leather Matt390008
 Doombull BrownDark Flesh 1Dark Fleshtone (044)Mahogany Brown (846)  Beastly Flesh (21)Chestnut Brown (9071)    630808
 Baneblade BrownKhemri Brown 1Heavy Brown (153)Green BrownBark BrownIV-20 Woodstain Brown (9160)   Arabic Shadow Matt705E48
 Mournfang BrownBestial Brown 1Beasty Brown (043)Flat Brown (984)Red Brown Soil of Avagddu (22)Intense Brown (9138)Bloodtracker BrownHairy Brown (120)  663300
 Mournfang BrownCalthan Brown 1Heavy Siena (154)Flat Brown (984)Red BrownIV-03 Dark Highlight (9042)    6D5044
 XV-88Terracotta 1Terracotta (065) Sandstone Brown  Clotted Red (9134)    793721
 Steel Legion DrabGraveyard Earth 1Earth (062)US field drabMud BrownIV-36 7 Uniform Brown (9127)Gun Corps Brown Leather Brown (WP1123)Gobi Brown Matt655138
 Karak StoneKommando Khaki 1Khaki (061)German Cam. Beige WWII (821)Dirt Brown  Terran Khaki (9122)Hammerfall KhakiHorse Tone Roan (222)  9B8C7B
 Ulthuan greyGhostly Grey 1Ghost Grey (046)Flat Aluminum (993)   Ghost White (9063)    C3C6CD
 Fenrisian GreySpace Wolves Grey 1Wolf Grey (047)Pale Greyblue (907)Blue SteelIV-05 7 Snow Shadow (9021)FrostbiteLupin Grey (151) Bering Blue MattCEDEE7
 The FangShadow Grey 1Sombre Grey (048)Oxford Blue (807)Grey BlueIV-04 Twilight Blue (9020) Shadow Grey (150)Wolf Grey (WP1119) 4E5067
 Administratum GreyFortress Grey 1Stonewall Grey (049)Pale Grey Blue (907) IV-35 7Sharp Gray (43)Weathered Stone (9087)  Ash Grey (WP1117)Nacar MattB5B5B5
 DawnstoneCodex Grey 1Cold Grey (050)Basalt Grey (869)Moon Grey Gray of Darkness (45)Rainy Grey (9038)  Uniform Grey (WP1118)Artic Blue Matt999999
 Mechanicus Standard GreyAdeptus Battlegrey 1Heavy Grey 2Russian Unif. (924)Steel GreyIV-18 Military Green 2Great Coat Grey   7C8286
 Celestra GreyAstronomicon Grey 1Heavy Bluegrey (144)Pale Blue Grey (905)Cool GreyIV-24 Weathered Stone (9087)Underbelly Blue   96A5A9
 Abaddon BlackChaos Black 1Chaos Black / Black (051)Black (950)Obsidian Black Accursed Black (2)Pure Black (9037)Thamar BlackBlack (102)Matt Black (WP1101) 000000
 Runefang SteelMithril Silver 1Mithril Silver / Silver (052)Silver (997)  Polished Silver (49)Polished Silver (9054)QuicksilverEnchanted Silver (106)Shining Silver (WP1129) B5B5BD
 IronbreakerChainmail 1Chain Mail (053)Natural Steel (864)Polished Steel  Honed Steel (9053)Cold steelChainmail (109)Plate Mail Metal (WP1130) 7B737B
 LeadbelcherBoltgun Metal 1Gunmetal / Gunmetal Metal (054)Gunmetal Grey (863)   Shadowed Steel (9052)Pig IronGun Metal (142)Machinegun Metal (WP1221)Petroleum Grey393939
 Auric Armour GoldBurnished Gold 1Glorious Gold (056)Gold (996)Royal Gold  Antique Gold (9050)Brass Balls 2 Bright Gold (WP1231)Dwarven GoldE7BD42
 Gehenna’s GoldShining Gold 1Polished Gold (055)Old Gold (878)   New Gold (9051)Solid GoldBright Gold (107)Greedy Gold (WP1132)Elven GoldCCCC33
 Hashut CopperDwarf Bronze 1Bright Bronze (057)Bronze (998)   Ancient Bronze (9049)Molten bronzeDwarven Bronze (143)Weapon Bronze (WP1133) 9C5221
 Runelord brassBrazen Brass 1Brassy Brass (058)Brass (801)   Tarnished Brass 2 (9198) Brass (131) Viking Gold735A21
 Brass scorpionBeaten Copper 1Hammered Copper (059)Copper (999)   Coppery Orange (9102)    73372D
 Warplock BronzeTin Bitz 1Tinny Tin (060)    Scorched Metal (9125)Deathless MetalMagic Metal (113) Necro Gold393121
  Black Ink 1Black Ink (94)         000000
  Dark Green Ink 1Green Ink (89)         108473
  Flesh Wash 1       Ink Wash – Flesh (133)  CE8C42
  Magenta Ink 1          513D3C
  Purple Ink 1Violet Ink (87)         842994
 Stormvermin FurCharadon Granite 1Heavy Charcoal (155)German Grey (995) IV-02 Pure Black (9103) 2Bastion grey  Anthartic Grey Matt4D4A4A
 Rakarth FleshDheneb Stone 1Heavy Warmgrey 2(148) Pale GreyIV-06 Vampiric Shadow (9274)  Drake Tooth (WP1417)? B9ADA1
 Daemonette HideHormagaunt Purple 1Heavy Violet (142)Violet (960)Light PurpleIV-26 Nightshade Purple (9022)   Violet Blue Matt4F566C
 Averland SunsetIyanden Darksun 1Heavy Goldbrown (151)Goldbrown (877)Warm YellowIV-16 Green Ochre (9128)Sulferic yellow   9C8A53
 Cadian FleshtoneTallarn Flesh 1Heavy Skintone (140)Brown Rose IV-19 Leather Brown (9030)    8D736C
 Drakenhof NightshadeAsurmen Blue Wash 1Blue Shade Wash (73207) BlueBlue    Blue Tone Ink (WP1139) 273E51
 Carroburg CrimsonBaal Red Wash 1Red Shade Wash (73206) RedRed    Red Tone Ink (WP1138) 630808
 Nuln OilBadab Black Wash 1Black Wash (73201) BlackBlack  Armor Wash Dark Tone Ink (WP1136) 000000
 Agrax EarthshadeDevlan Mud Wash 1Umber Shade Wash (73203) BrownBrown  Muddy Wash Strong Tone Wash (WP1135) 393121
 Seraphim SepiaGryphonne Sepia Wash 1Sepia Wash (73200)       Soft Tone Ink (WP1134) 843910
 Druchii VioletLeviathan Purple Wash 14 Pale Grey Shade Wash (73202) Purple     Purple Tone Ink (WP1140) 842994
 Reikland FleshshadeOgryn Flesh Wash 1Fleshtone Shade Wash (73204) Flesh     Flesh Wash (WP1143) CE8C42
 Biel-Tan Green Green Wash       Green Tone Wash (WP1137) 547757
 Baharroth Blue Edge (Edge)       Arcane Blue Toxic Mist (WP1437) 59C1CE
 Gauss Blaster Green (Edge)           84C2A9
 Dorn Yellow (Edge)           FFF685
 Fulgrim Pink (Edge)           F5AECC
 Flayed One Flesh (Edge)           CDC586
 Dechala Lilac (Edge)         Oozing Purple (WP1445) B69FCD
 Kreig Khaki (Edge)         Necrotic Flesh (WP1108) BFBD82
 Blue Horror (Edge)         Gorgon Hide (WP1428) A4BAD2
 Lugganath Orange (Edge)         Centuar Skin (WP1408) F89E86
  • ( 1) discontinued
  • ( 2) approximate
  • ( 3) Coat d’Arms matches the citadel from before 1992. There might be a difference. Gold is the most noticeable.
  • ( 4) Most P3 Paints do not match closely with the old GW range.
  • ( 5) GW’s new paint matches with the old. You will have to mix some of them to get close, though. If you are trying to mix GW, it is better to use Vallejo game color or coat arms for the best match.
  • (color name) after testing does not match GW color (really far)
  • ( 6) 98-99% color matches, the mass tone only
  • ( 7) 3rd-5th Edition Replicas, same 98-99% matching criteria, the mass tone only

Pick Out a Color You Like For Models

The paint comparison chart is an excellent guide for doing this. You can see many color options and how they will look in the different types of lighting available to you while still having time to carefully weigh your decision before committing to anything.

For example: If you pick out a light pink color that looks good on paper but not so much when it’s applied, then all that work was for nothing! This guide shows what colors were used in real-life situations, so there are no surprises later on down the road.

Hey there! I’m Richard Baker, a miniature painter who’s been in the game for a solid decade now. I’ve been painting miniatures for ten years and I’ve got a ton of tips and tricks to share with you all. My website is a treasure trove of knowledge that I’ve gathered from both my own personal experiences and from reading all sorts of books.

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