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Scale ModelWorld [Trade Show 2023]




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Scale ModelWorld [Trade Show 2023]

Scale ModelWorld [Trade Show 2023]

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The gargantuan and highly celebrated Scale ModelWorld extravaganza stands tall as the preeminent showcase of fine scale models on the global stage, and it is set to unfold its grandeur in none other than Telford – a town boasting both panoramic allure and rich cultural legacy. The event is orchestrated and executed with clockwork precision by the venerable International Plastic Modellers’ Society (UK), with the expansive and well-appointed International Centre in Telford serving as the marquee venue.

This revelry of scale modelling fervor shall play host to an illustrious gathering of more than 170 professional exhibitors, each wielding a panoply of products sure to captivate and enrapture the discerning connoisseurs of the modelling universe. Indeed, the hallowed precincts of this grand gathering will reverberate with the resonant voices of Branches, Special Interest Groups, Overseas Groups, Clubs, and Guests, as they unleash their prodigious and superlative offerings upon an avid and receptive audience. The breathtaking array of coveted offerings shall encompass an eclectic range of high-quality 3D Kits, modeling products and items, books on model making, Lacquers, Aviation & Military Books, Airlines, Craft Models, modeling kits, Model works, crafts lighting, print shops, miniature products and an entire cornucopia of assorted treasures that must be seen to be believed. Truly, the Scale ModelWorld spectacle stands as a testament to the unbridled passion, ingenuity, and craftsmanship that propel the modelling world ever forward!

To register for this event please visit the following URL: https://ipmsuk.org/ipms-scale-modelworld/ →


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2023-11-11 @ 09:00 AM to
2023-11-12 @ 06:00 PM



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