Aeronautics Imperialis: an Introduction To The Game

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  • Date: March 12, 2023
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Hark, hark! Behold, the premier consignments of the Aeronautics Imperialis are soon to be dispatched to their fortuitous proprietors, hence the juncture to scrutinize the regulations of this awe-inspiring game, examine some of the counters that shall be accessible to competitors, and investigate the choices for downloading your squadrons, as well as an abbreviated depiction of each of the airplanes obtainable at present. Whether you are primed to procure this box or if you are bewildered and befuddled as to which faction to favor, this article shall prove expedient to thee!

The Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy reigns as perhaps the most imposing power in the galaxy, asserting dominion over the cosmos and planets with its gargantuan fleets and innumerable ships and airplanes. And while dreadnoughts are acclaimed as the lethal masters of interstellar combat, so too are the Thunderbolts* and Marauders, dreadfully effective sky-exterminators, instigators of the Emperor’s wrath, competent to unleash destruction on objectives both terrestrial and aerial.

The Imperial Navy

What makes the Imperial War Fleet truly exceptional?

The Imperial Navy is SYMMETRY.

Even the “lightest” Imperial aircraft, such as the Thunderbolt, are quite tenacious and not facile to vanquish, but in totality your list will appear fairly unyielding. And truly, cogitate on these mechanisms more as tanks with wings and simply vulgar thrust than as airplanes.

The Imperial Navy is PLIABILITY.

Even the initial kit bestows a certain degree of pliability in your list, affording you abundant opportunities for constructing your squadron. If you intend to utilize speed and stealth to emerge victorious, select the Thunderbolts. But if you aim to confront the enemy face-to-face and still triumph in the midst of enduring a fusillade of fire, then opt for the Marauders.

The Imperial War Fleet is a virtuoso of mid-range assault.

Most Imperial War Fleet conveyances possess exceedingly commendable armament. In Aeronautics, scope is often everything, which is why Imperial guns excel at medium range. Banish the adversary beyond dagger fire, while at the same time refraining them from drawing any closer, and soon naught but the debris of enemy conveyances will be smoldering on the battlefield.

Imperial Aircraft

The Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt

Dubbing the Thunderbolt a multipurpose conveyance is a rather prudent notion. Even if you compose a full list of these Imperial War Fleet workhorses, you still acquire a fairly worthy receipt.

Apart from the generally decent attributes, the Thunderbolt boasts the finest Ace Manoeuvres characteristic in the game (at least for the time being!). No doubt we shall scrutinize the Thunderbolt in more detail in the future, but for now it suffices to articulate that this war machine is able to literally slice circles around most of the adversaries it can encounter.

The Thunderbolt Fury

The Thunderbolt Fury represents another sort of conveyance attainable to the Imperial War Fleet that, for a few extra points, secures better armament than its lighter-armed counterpart, primarily the avenger bolt cannon instead of the quadcopter gun. If you have a few additional points left on your sheet, rest assured that this is a worthy manner to expend them, as the Furies are quite proficient at eradicating light conveyances in a single volley. Mind your firing arches, for although this interceptor boasts impressive firepower, its firing angle is highly limited, and you can only fire at targets directly ahead of you.

The Marauder Bomber

The Thunderbolt Fury

This mechanism appears akin to a bunker with wings. Sluggish, exceedingly robust, and ludicrously heavily armed,

the Marauder Bomber embodies Imperial aviation. A rather impressive 5 Structure Points/Units signifies that you shall necessitate relatively concentrated fire to bring it down, and the forward lasers and turret furnish the Marauder with remarkable firepower, more than sufficient to repulse and even decimate flimsier mechanisms like the Duckcats.

I strongly advise fabricating the Marauder Bombers you discover in the box to utilize them as gradual (yet unrelenting!) snipers, outfitting all four obtainable weapon slots with pairs of skystrike missiles.

Marauder Destroyer

Marauder Destroyer

Indeed, you shall not discover this specific variant of the Marauder in the Wings of Vengeance set, but if you are an ardent Imperial Navy enthusiast, the foremost item you shall wish to procure is a box of these aerial fortresses. Certainly, they are slow as molasses, but you would not covet an adversary attaining proximity to their guns! Even those opponents who can outflank the Marauder from the rear shall discover themselves within the crosshairs of tail guns comparable in potency to those carried by lighter conveyances. If you do not mind the fire from the rear, you can even grant the adversary to fall behind you and maximize the destruction meted out to the adversary by firing from both fore and aft guns.


Introducing the orcs of the Air WAAAAAGH, spurning civility, any standards of decency, and commonplace aerodynamics! Orc Air Troops bear striking resemblance in organization and equipment to their ground counterparts, and generally comprise of swarms of smoky Dakkalots, led to war by larger orcs in even larger, and naturally, even more heavily armed planes.

So, what renders Orcs a judicious selection?

So, what renders Orcs a judicious selection?

Orcs relish brawls.

In contrast to their human adversaries in Aeronautics, orcs excel in close-range combat. Whereas Imperial pilots strive to maintain some distance and keep their adversaries engulfed in lethal blasts of lasers, Orcs are devised for propeller-to-propeller combat. Who necessitates accuracy and range? Merely hasten to truncate the distance between you to evade the worst, and you can unleash a hurricane of fire, showering the adversary with a barrage of dakka in return!

Orcs are RAPID.

Even hefty Orc planes like the Fighta Bommers are terrifyingly speedy compared to their Imperial counterparts, permitting them to rapidly approach the adversary, as well as effortlessly evade and outmaneuver.


And, of course, perhaps the preeminent, and most orcish attribute of this army. Orcs are perpetually abundant! Most of the equipment is economical enough to render your amassed list noticeably outnumber the adversary. Yes, you might lose one or two Dakkalots if you approach a Marauder Bomber Platoon too closely, but who cares when you possess four more!

Orc Technique



The Dakkajets are essentially what you would anticipate an Orc airplane to be. Exceptionally fast and very “honed”, which imparts it good potential in close combat. The orc technique is not exceedingly robust, but their speed and maneuverability frequently permit them to simply elude the crosshairs of enemy pilots. Or you can always ignore logic and simply approach the adversary head-on. After all, if you can take down a Thunderbolt or a Marauder in that case, is not that sufficient exhilaration for the orcish?

Fighta Bommerz

Fighta Bommerz

The Fighta Bommerz are rather versatile, almost all-purpose combat conveyances, capable of performing a range of tasks during combat,which is reflected in the game by a quite extensive list of rules (and yes, to tell the truth, the Bommerz are even sometimes forgiving of certain mistakes when playing them). First and foremost, these conveyances have additional weapon mounting points on which you can affix air-to-air missiles or bombs for use against ground targets. Moreover, you have weapon slots on the machine itself. In addition to the counter-weaponized big jester mounted on the nose, you also possess a turret with a big jester able to fire in all directions except directly at the bomber’s course. So, if the adversary manages to sneak out from under your nose and elude the lead storm, do not despair, you can still try to bombard it with projectiles! And quite nicely too, the tail gun offers you a chance to retaliate even when the adversary is on the verge of annihilating your fleet red (or lucky blue) Bommer from the rear.


Can I use miniatures from other tabletop wargames in Aeronautics Imperialis?

While Aeronautics Imperialis has its own range of miniatures, players are free to use other miniatures as long as they are a similar size and follow the rules for aircraft in the game.

Is Aeronautics Imperialis suitable for beginners?

Aeronautics Imperialis is designed to be accessible to beginners, with simple rules and mechanics that are easy to understand. However, the game also offers depth and complexity for more experienced players.

Can I play Aeronautics Imperialis solo?

While Aeronautics Imperialis is designed to be played with two or more players, it is possible to play solo by controlling both fleets.

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