Hobby Painting Handle For Miniatures & Models: Advantages of Using a Miniature Painting Handle

  • By: Richard
  • Date: August 26, 2021
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I am here to talk about miniature painting handles. I will be discussing the advantages of miniature painting handles and why you should have one in your miniature paints kit. Painting miniatures can be extremely frustrating if you do not have the right tools for them, so make sure that you purchase a miniature painting handle today!

What is a Painting Handle For Miniatures & Models?

A miniature painting handle is a small tool with a textured place for you to put your paintbrush. It also has a notch at the top where you can rest it on your forefinger and another one below that which rests against your ring finger so that you do not have to hold onto it while painting. This allows for an easier time in holding miniatures or models and provides better control of the brush itself!

How do Use a Hobby Holder?

A hobby holder system works by providing a small place for you to rest your paintbrush to reduce stress on the wrist. It also has notches where it rests around two fingers, which provides more control of brushing and creates an easier time holding models!

You can easily hold onto this with ease even when using wet paints because of its textured grip! Additionally, having one will help stop hand cramps from occurring while doing repetitive strokes!

Benefits of Using Painting Handle for Miniatures & Models

Using a handle for miniatures and models can benefit you in several ways, which is why it should be used not only when painting but also if doing any work that requires repetitive hand motion!

1. Reduce Injury And Pain

Painting miniatures and models can be extremely strenuous on your hands if you do not have the proper tools to help accomplish it. This includes using a miniature painting handle so that there is less strain put onto your hand, which will reduce injury risk!

2. Improve Experience While Painting And Modeling

Using a handle or hobby holder system for miniatures ensures an easier time holding them while also allowing more control of how much pressure is being used when doing repetitive strokes. It helps to improve the experience while working with both paint or modeling supplies as all of this becomes easier than before!

3. Improve Comfort and Control

Having a painting handle for miniatures will provide you with better comfort and control because of its textured grip. It also provides an even surface where your paintbrush rests while adding another layer so that it does not slip off!

4. Lengthen Your Painting Session

Using a handle for miniatures will allow you to paint longer because of its comfort and control while ensuring that your hand does not cramp up in the process!

5. Paint Or Sculpt Better

Using a hobby painting handle will allow you not only to paint better but also sculpt as well! A good model holder with rubber grips makes sculpting so much better than trying to sculpt without one. You can sculpt faster and more detail when using a handle because there isn’t any strain on your wrist or hand from holding onto something.

6. Batch painting with the Painting Handle for Miniatures & Models

Batch painting with miniature holders is also extremely beneficial! Batch painting means that you are doing multiple models at once – batch painting. There will be less time spent on each one, and there won’t be as much stress put onto your wrist or fingers because of the handle system for miniatures & models!

Diy Handle For Working With Miniatures

If you’re considering using a DIY handle to work with miniatures, this article will give you some great reasons why that may not be the best idea:

  • Requires sticky adhesives that don’t last very long
  • Creates a haphazard, messy desktop (e.g., bottle and caps of various things lying around)
  • Inefficient for working with multiple painting projects at the same time
  • Risk of damage to models
  • Poor option for painting larger models

If you paint or sculpt miniatures regularly, I recommend investing in a dedicated miniature painting holder and handle system. A DIY option isn’t worth the long-term effort because it is difficult to make properly and can be very frustrating if not done correctly.

What Is The Best Handle For Painting Models?

Hobby Painting Handle For Miniatures & Models


Build Material And Construction

The handle for painting miniatures should be very sturdy so that it does not wobble while you are working on your models. If the handle is too light, you will have to hold onto it tightly and exert a lot of pressure at all times to keep things stable.

That being said, avoid handles made out of metal because they tend to get slippery regardless if there’s oil or paint on them or not – even more so if you use an adhesive like glue instead!

Model Security

The best handle for painting miniatures should be secure and reliable so that you do not have to worry about it coming loose mid-painting session. If the handle is too tight, it will cause unnecessary strain on your hands, but if it’s too loose, the model might come out of its place unexpectedly!

Some handles even include a locking mechanism that allows you to lock things in place once they are set up just right – this can prevent any accidents from happening while working with small models!

Handle Size And Shape

One of the most important aspects of choosing a miniature painting holder is making sure that it has a shape suitable for securely holding all sorts of different types and sizes of models. Some people prefer flat surfaces because they are more stable and can support larger models, but others prefer round handles because they have a better grip.

In any case, make sure that you consider the size of your model before buying a miniature painting handle so that it will fit properly!


A good miniature painting handle should be easy to use and quick to set up so that you do not have to waste too much of your time during a session. Some people like using detachable handles while others prefer ones that can stay in the same place as they work on their models – either way, it all depends on your preferences!

Ergonomics (Comfort)

The best handle for painting miniatures should be ergonomic so that you can pain your models without straining yourself. Make sure to choose a model holder with an appropriate grip size and shape as well as soft padding to reduce stress on your fingers, hands, wrists, and arms!

If the handle is poorly designed or too heavy, it might cause unnecessary strain on your body, which will slow down the pace at which you work – this could make finishing before time runs out extremely difficult, if not impossible!

Easy and Quick

It should be easy and quick to get miniatures on and off the holder and be able to rotate them at different angles, depending on your preferences.


Finally, a good handle for painting miniatures should be versatile and work with different types of models – especially larger ones like tanks! If the handle is too small, it will not fit large or bulky models, so make sure that you consider this before purchasing.

If possible, choose handles that come in sets instead of single items. They are more likely to offer versatility than other options because they can accommodate different shapes and sizes at once rather than just one specific type!

Final Words And Verdict

Painting miniatures can be frustrating to do by yourself if you cannot hold onto the model securely or get it into just the right position. However, when you use the best handle for painting models, all of this stress and frustration will fall to the wayside!

If your goal is to become an expert miniature painter as fast as possible so that you have more free time, investing in high-quality tools like these paint holders is one of the most important things that you can do – especially since they come at such reasonable prices!


Hi! I'm Richard Baker, a miniature painter who has been painting for about ten years. My website is packed with great advice that I've learned from both books and personal experience on building and painting miniatures.

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