How to Keep Resin from Sticking Between Molds?

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asked 1 year ago
Q: How to Keep Resin from Sticking Between Molds?
I am creating an Omaha Beach diorama. I need to show the explosions of mortars hitting the water, but I could use plaster or paint. However, using clear resin will make them look more realistic. I made some molds out of tinfoil to capture the water that shoots into the sky. I made them quickly, but they were lovely. I poured resin into a container. It is hard to get the tinfoil off the container when it is dry. I cut it in two, and then I pulled on both sides so that the tinfoil would come off. I want to know what I can use to coat the inside of my “mold.” When resin cures, it hardens and becomes like a mold. What I need is something that would cover the inside of this mold so when it cures, I can take it out. Can you help me with this?
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Richard Staff answered 1 year ago
  1. A mold release agent is needed. You need one that will work with your tin foil mold. If it’s Fraggle, then a brushable release agent should not be used. You can search on the internet for an aerosol type of release spray and use it to ensure you get good results for demolding your mold.
  2. I tried to make some waves using accessible water, and I sprayed 2001 on the glass, but it did not stick. So I would give it a shot. You can find it in any auto parts store.
  3. I read about a trick to make molds not stick to the frame box. I mixed some petroleum jelly with mineral spirits until it was half and half creamer. Once it was the right consistency, I put this into my airbrush and sprayed the inside of the frame box with it, all over. I made my own mold release, and it is the same as the aerosol spray cans you can buy. It will not hurt your airbrush, gaskets, or o-rings. I used this for hundreds of molds, and I had good results.
  4. I’ve been using the Bare Metal Foil mold release agent. It’s about $10 for a spray can that lasts for a long time. I’ve had the same can for six months and have made lots of casts with it.