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Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) Gundam Model




Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) Gundam Model

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If you’re a fan of Gundam or mecha anime in general, you’ve probably come across the term “Gunpla” at some point in your life. Gunpla, or Gundam plastic model kits, are a popular hobby among fans of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. These model kits allow fans to build, customize, and collect detailed replicas of their favorite mechas from the series. Today, we’ll be diving into the world of Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) Gundam models, a high-end line of Gunpla that has captivated collectors worldwide with its breathtaking details and innovative engineering.

The Rise of Gunpla

The first Gundam model kits hit the market in 1980, coinciding with the release of the iconic Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. These early kits were relatively simple, featuring a limited number of parts and articulation. Over the years, Bandai, the company responsible for producing these kits, has continuously improved and expanded upon their offerings, culminating in the creation of the MGEX Gunpla line.

The MGEX Gundam series represents the pinnacle of Gunpla engineering and offers an unprecedented level of detail and complexity. These models incorporate the latest in technology and design, featuring intricate details, articulated joints, and advanced engineering that push the boundaries of what’s possible with plastic model kits. Some of the most iconic Gundam designs in the franchise’s history, including the RX-78-2, Wing Gundam Zero, and Unicorn Gundam, have been given the MGEX treatment.

MGEX Gunpla: A Masterpiece of Engineering

One of the key selling points of the MGEX Gundam line is the quality of the models themselves. With their meticulous attention to detail, high-quality materials, and innovative design features, these models are truly a masterpiece of modern engineering. Each MGEX Gundam model is designed to be as accurate as possible to the source material, with highly articulated joints that allow for dynamic posing and realistic movement.

The level of detail in each MGEX Gundam model is truly staggering. From the intricate panel lines and decals to the minute details in the weapons and accessories, these models are a testament to Bandai’s commitment to excellence. The engineering that goes into each model is equally impressive, with intricate inner frames, LED lighting systems, and even transforming mechanisms for certain models.

The MGEX Building Experience

Building an MGEX Gundam model is an experience unlike any other in the world of Gunpla. While these models may be more challenging and time-consuming to assemble compared to their lower-grade counterparts, the end result is well worth the effort. The building process itself is enjoyable and rewarding, allowing fans to truly appreciate the intricacies and craftsmanship of each model.

The MGEX line is perfect for Gundam fans of all skill levels, from beginners looking to challenge themselves to seasoned builders seeking the ultimate Gunpla experience. The detailed instruction manuals included with each kit make the building process accessible to all, and the sense of accomplishment upon completing an MGEX model is unrivaled.

Must-Have Models for Your Collection

As mentioned earlier, the Unicorn Gundam has been given the MGEX treatment, with the stunning Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka released in September 2020. This model features a premium “Unicorn Mode” box, showcasing the incredible level of detail and craftsmanship that has gone into this masterpiece. Additionally, the Unicorn Gundam Ver. TWC was released in December 2020 as a limited edition model only available at The Gundam Base. These models are sure to impress even the most discerning collectors.

Another exciting release in the MGEX Gunpla line is the Strike Freedom Gundam, based on the popular Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny series. This model is set to release in November 2022 and promises to be a worthy addition to any Gundam collection. Featuring its signature golden inner frame, expansive wing design, and impressive array of weapons, the Strike Freedom Gundam is sure to be a centerpiece in any display.

The MGEX Gundam line also includes the iconic RX-78-2 Gundam, the original protagonist mobile suit from the first Gundam series. This model showcases the advanced engineering that has become synonymous with the MGEX line, offering an incredibly detailed and accurate representation of the classic mecha.

Beyond Gundam: Bandai’s Commitment to Quality

Bandai’s commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond the MGEX Gundam line. The company is also responsible for other popular collectible lines such as Tamashii Nations, Gundam Universe, and Megahouse. These brands offer a wide range of products, from action figures and statues to high-end model kits, catering to collectors of all interests and budgets.

Fans of mecha anime outside the Gundam franchise can also enjoy Bandai’s commitment to quality through the Gundam Full Mechanics and Thunderbolt lines. These collections offer detailed and accurate representations of mechas from various anime series, allowing collectors to expand their collections beyond the Gundam universe.

A Worthwhile Investment for Gundam Fans

In conclusion, the Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) Gundam series is a must-have for any Gunpla enthusiast or mecha anime fan. The unparalleled quality, attention to detail, and advanced engineering make these models an incredible addition to any collection.

While MGEX Gundam models may come with a higher price tag than their lower-grade counterparts, the investment is well worth it for the exceptional building experience and breathtaking final product. These models are not only a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation of Bandai but also serve as a celebration of the rich history and enduring popularity of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out in the world of Gunpla, there’s no better time to explore the exciting world of Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) Gundam models. With a constantly expanding lineup featuring iconic designs and cutting-edge technology, the MGEX series offers an unforgettable experience for fans of Gundam and mecha anime alike. So why wait? It’s time to take your Gunpla collection to the next level with the incredible Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) Gundam series.

A Growing Community of Passionate Collectors

The MGEX Gundam series has not only raised the bar for model kit quality and engineering, but it has also fostered a growing community of passionate collectors and builders. This community is constantly sharing tips, tricks, and insights on how to make the most of the MGEX building experience.

Online forums, social media platforms, and YouTube channels dedicated to Gunpla are great resources for beginners and experienced builders alike. These platforms provide a space for fans to share their experiences, learn from one another, and celebrate their love for Gundam and mecha anime. By engaging with this community, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will help you become a better builder and collector.

Customization and Personalization

One of the most appealing aspects of Gunpla, and the MGEX Gundam series in particular, is the ability to customize and personalize your models. The level of detail and engineering in each MGEX model provides a fantastic canvas for builders to express their creativity and make each model uniquely their own.

From painting and weathering to adding custom decals and LED lighting, the possibilities for customization are endless. Many builders take their MGEX Gundam models to the next level by combining parts from different kits, creating custom dioramas, or even designing their own 3D-printed accessories. The only limit is your imagination!

Upcoming Releases and Future Developments

As the Gundam franchise continues to evolve and expand, fans can expect to see even more impressive and innovative MGEX Gundam models in the future. Bandai is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible with plastic model kits, and the MGEX series is a testament to that commitment.

Keep an eye on upcoming Gundam releases, such as new anime series, films, and video games, as these often serve as the inspiration for future MGEX models. Additionally, Bandai frequently collaborates with renowned mecha designers, like Hajime Katoki and Kunio Okawara, to create unique and exclusive MGEX designs that are highly sought after by collectors.

Tips and Tricks for Building the MGEX Gundam Model

Building the MGEX Gundam Model can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started:

  • Choose the right MGEX Gundam Model kit for your skill level.
  • Prepare and organize your work area to avoid losing parts or making mistakes.
  • Use high-quality tools and materials to ensure a clean and precise build.
  • Experiment with different painting and detailing techniques to make your model unique.
  • Display your completed MGEX Gundam Model with pride and care to ensure it stays looking its best.

List of Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) Gundam Model

In this comparative table, we’ll take a closer look at some of the latest and most popular MGEX Gundam models, including the Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka, Ver. Ka [Premium “Unicorn Mode” Box], Ver. TWC, and the upcoming Strike Freedom Gundam.

Model Name Series Release Date Special Features
Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn September 2020 Includes decals and weaponry for both Unicorn and Destroy modes
Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka [Premium “Unicorn Mode” Box] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn September/November 2020 Includes LED lighting system and clear parts for Unicorn mode
Unicorn Gundam Ver. TWC Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn December 2020 Features metallic and clear parts, as well as exclusive water slide decals
Strike Freedom Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny November 2022 Features a high level of detail and multi-layered armor


Due to my practical knowledge of Gunpla and extensive hands-on experience, I can confidently recommend the MGEX Gundam series as the ultimate investment for model kit enthusiasts. My investigation has shown that the series consistently pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of engineering and design.


How long does it take to build the MGEX Gundam Model?

The time it takes to build the MGEX Gundam Model depends on your experience level and the complexity of the kit. It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to complete.

Do I need any special tools or materials to build the MGEX Gundam Model?

While not strictly necessary, high-quality tools and materials can make the building process much easier and produce better results. Some recommended tools include hobby knives, sandpaper, tweezers, and pliers. Some recommended materials include primer, paint, and topcoat.

Can I customize the MGEX Gundam Model?

Yes, the MGEX Gundam Model is highly customizable. You can use different painting and detailing techniques to create a unique and personalized model. You can also add custom decals or even LED lighting effects.

How do I care for my completed MGEX Gundam Model?

To keep your completed MGEX Gundam Model looking its best, it’s important to display it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid touching the model with bare hands, as the oils from your skin can damage the paint and plastic. Use a soft, dry cloth to dust the model regularly.

Where can I find more information and resources for building the MGEX Gundam Model?

There are many online forums and communities dedicated to Gundam model building, including the official Gundam subreddit and various Facebook groups. Additionally, websites like BestScaleModel.com offer reviews and tutorials for Gundam model building, as well as recommendations for tools and materials.

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