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I love playing role-playing games. I’ve been doing it for years, and I’ve tried out all kinds of different systems and dice sets. Some sets work better for some games than others.

This article shows you some of my favorite dice sets that have helped me play and gamemaster (GM) better for various role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons (DnD), Pathfinder, etc. OSR games such as Castles & Crusades or Traveller.

The 10 Best D&D Dice Sets – Comparison Table


# Image Product Pros
#1 Editor’s Choice

CiaraQ Polyhedral Dice Set (35 Pieces)
  • Durable and portable
  • Easy to read
  • Comes with 5 pack black pouches; Pouch size is 3.54 x 2.76 inches, convenient to store and carry
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#2 Price Quality

Q WORKSHOP Ornamented Dice Set 7 Polyhedral Pieces
  • Dragon-themed dice set in green and gold colors
  • The dice are well-balanced and have no errors
  • The color is eye-catching and vivid
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#3 Best Design

Set of Dice 7pcs D&D With a Gift Box
  • They are perfect in detail and well crafted
  • The sound is pleasing to the ear and gives spiritual comfort
  • One set dice total 7 pcs including D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D%
  • They come with a fancy metal box
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#4 Best Metal Dice Set

Double Colors Metal Dice Set D&D
  • made of zinc alloy for weight and durability
  • perfect for RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Warhammer, etc
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#5 High Quality

Galaxy Polyhedral D&D Dice
  • Easily readable numbers
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Replacement for any missing or defective dice with no questions asked
  • Lightweight and durable materials
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#6 Great Looking and Feel Good to Roll

Transparent Resin Polyhedral 7-Die Dice
  • Great quality dice that feels premium and looks premium
  • Affordable price point
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#7 Well Balanced Set

Haxtec DnD Dice Set (Dark Green Clear Amber)
  • This is a highly detailed dice set
  • The designs are unique and make for a great conversation starter
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#8 Best Biggest Set

DnD Dice Set – 20×7 (140 Pieces)
  • The numbers on the dice are large and easy to read
  • Durable because they’re made of acrylic material
  • Available in 20 colors with each set including 7 dice from a range of different shapes and sizes
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#9 Best Hand-Carved Set

Hand-Carved Crystal Stone DND Dice Set
  • The size of each die varies from 0.55-0.94 inches (14-24 mm), they are balanced and polished, so they give you an incredible hand feeling when roll or hold it in your hand.
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#10 Best Extra Heavy Set

KakapopoTCG Metal Dice Set Extra Heavy
  • It’s available in a beautiful box!
  • Comes with a 12-sided D4 instead of Caltrop D4 death-traps for a better rolling experience.
  • Can also be painted like a miniature.
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Bonus Highly Recommend

Dice Tray for Rolling with Magnetic Snaps
  • Durable PU leather construction
  • Holds up to 115 dice
  • Magnetic snaps close and secure lid with ease
  • The lid works as a portable dice tray and doubles as a large dice mat for games where you need more room than what’s covered by the staging area
  • Bigger is better! The dice arena measures 6.5″ across, a staging area is 1″ wide, and the entire tray is just over a foot in length
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What Dice Do I Need for (D&D)?

Even if you have a dice set that’s perfect for your favorite game, it may not be enough. The best way to build an arsenal is with different types, so no matter what kind of roll-out I get in front of me, there will always be at least seven options available! There are seven types of dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D10 (percentile), D12, and a D20.

Since dice are essential in many games, it’s no surprise that having more than one Die will give you the edge. Each type of this unique gaming piece can be fashioned from various materials and have its own unique property to help determine specific outcomes during playtime!

Types of Dungeons & Dragons Dice

There are five dice in Dungeon and Dragons: plastic, resin, metal, stone, and wood. All these materials will let you play the game nicely. It is up to you which material to use. But make sure to have a D20 (twenty-sided Die), D12 (twelve-sided Die), D10 (ten-sided Die), D10 (percentile), or even more if possible because they are beneficial.

Dice Made of Plastic or Resin

There are many types of materials used in the game Dungeons & Dragons. Some may include ceramic-based dice, making them more durable than plastics and heavier to carry around on your adventure journey. However, you can find some that feel like bone or even resemble wood with its texture for those who want something different!

Note that resin dice are denser than comparably sized plastic ones. If you’re looking for a heavier set of polyhedral and want a clear translucent appearance – then resin is your material! In short: The difference between these two kinds of construction affects their weight in hand, making all kinds of games more fun with different feel factors involved.

When you’re looking to buy new dice, plastic or resin material is practical, durable, and affordable. They also don’t leave scratches on your tables! Plus the added bonus of being easy to wash & clean – perfect for any gaming night in full swing with a group!

Dice Made of Metal

Dice are an essential part of any gaming session. They add another layer of strategy and excitement to your game, which is why enthusiasts often collect metal dice for their collections in Dungeons & Dragons (or other tabletop role-playing games). I’ve heard that pewter has been the most common type found at antique stores, but you can also get brass or zinc versions of those sounds more appealing!

Dice made of metal are often used in DnD games. These dice are heavy and make a sound when they hit the floor. People like these heavy dice because it is exciting for the game.

Metal dice can be an exciting addition to your game night. They make noise, clunking and thumping on tabletops or trays with the satisfying finish of metal hitting wood (or other surfaces). If thrown too hard, though, they will scratch surfaces; dent softwoods tables if you’re not careful enough; tear up character sheets by knocking over miniatures while playing Risk- where I recommend using a tray!) Some also get expensive quickly, but it’s worth having some around for all these reasons and others!

Dice Made of Stone

DnD players may want to try playing with stone dice. They are heavy and smooth. It feels different than other materials because it is. Stone dice can be expensive, but they depend on the type of stone, like marble or faux stone.

Stone dice are the most excellent gaming accessory because they have a heavyweight that makes them feel great in your hand. They also wrinkle when rolled or thrown, which is something you can’t get with metal ones!

Dice Made of Wood

For those looking for more natural dice, wooden ones are the way to go. These board games and Dungeons & Dragons items can be made from any kind of wood you want- even bamboo! They’re usually handmade by skilled craftsmen in different countries worldwide with unique colorways, each time making them one-of-a-kind pieces that will add some spice into your next gaming session.

Other Dice Materials

Of course, there are many other types of dice materials you can find. You may even discover composite dice that combine a variety of different kinds! For example, inlaid resin-infused wooden ones with carbon fiber bases for durability or color options like pink and purple thrown at times too tough not to try them out yourself!

What are the 7 Dice in DnD?

In a DnD game, there are seven dice in a polyhedral dice set. The same set of dice is also used by most other RPGs, such as Pathfinder. They are as follows:


These are the most fantastic dice I have ever seen! They look like a pyramid with four sides, and they’re covered in spikes. You really shouldn’t leave them out, as people might trip over these caltrops and get stabbed by their own Legos (or anything else).


A D6 die is a six-sided dice that can be used for any number of things. You might roll the d6 to see your character’s stats on fights or action, and sometimes these come up randomly, so you need multiple rolls!


D8 is often used for determining the damage of weapons, such as a light crossbow and melee weapons. Spells will cause two or more d8 damages when thrown in combat situations. These dice are easy to read and usually have two numbers on each face (one for the even number, one for the odd), making it easier to know what you’re rolling.


A D10 die has 10 sides numbered 1 thru 10. An infliction weapon is a type of weapon that can hurt your enemy. You will need to know how many numbers on one side are facing up.


The D12 is not used as often in games like Dungeons and Dragons, but it has its uses. This Die can be the key to determining how powerful some more specialized weapons will be when you roll them on your turn with an attack or skill check (or other situations). The next time you play through one of these adventures, make sure that this little friend comes out for good old-fashioned fun!


The iconic D&D Die you’ll see everywhere, the 20-sided Die is used for many situations in game playing. Rolling a lot of times to test specific outcomes or trying different options can get tiring, so this one was made just for those occasions when simplicity beats lengthiness!

D&D Dice Sets and Other Roleplaying Game Dicesets

D&D is all about the dice, and there are many different types of them. Some games like miniatures combat or Pendragon call for tiny cubes, while other tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder require larger polyhedrons with pips (dots). Choosing which kind you need can be tricky because it depends on what system your GM uses!

1. CiaraQ Polyhedral Dice Set (35 Pieces) — Editor’s Choice

1# CiaraQ Polyhedral Dice Set (35 Pieces)

Playing a game without dice is as fun as eating an egg without salt. To ensure you have the best gaming experience, don’t just buy your dies from anywhere. Introducing the CiaraQ polyhedral dice set! Get this multipack of 35 pieces with 23 different colours and 5 pack black pouches for a super low price – 100% risk-free offer: If you receive defective dies or missing dies sets due during delivery, we will take care of it and replace them free!

2. Q WORKSHOP Ornamented Dice Set 7 Polyhedral Pieces — Price Quality

2# Q WORKSHOP Ornamented Dice Set 7 Polyhedral Pieces

Whether they’re completing a tabletop or going through a campaign, this die is the perfect companion. The ornamented engravings and dragon scales will impress for years to come. These dice are universally usable in all RPGs, so whether you need an epic Viking shield as a fighter or the wizard’s staff as a spellcaster – these dice have got you covered!

3. Set of Dice 7pcs D&D With a Gift Box – Best Design

3# Set of Dice 7pcs D&D With a Gift Box

Are you looking for the perfect metal dice set to bring with you on your next adventure in Sword Coast Legends? The lightweight, shiny die is easy to read. Designed to maximize well-balanced reactions for your gaming convenience! Or maybe you’re just missing some good old-fashioned D&D games when there were no iPhones or tablets to play it on? Get back into classic RPGs with our Metal RPG Die Set.

4. Double Colors Metal Dice Set D&D – Best Metal Dice Set

4# Double Colors Metal Dice Set D&D

These metal dice are perfect for RPGs! When you need a little help with your game, these numbers will do the trick. Give you that extra oomph when making that lucky dice roll! These 7-dice sets in 2 colors add to the excitement of playing games. They’re also well made, so they last a long time, even with constant use. And it includes D%! The design is beautiful and an excellent conversation starter at any tabletop gamer event or convention too!

5. Galaxy Polyhedral D&D Dice – High Quality

5# Galaxy Polyhedral D&D Dice

What’s not to like about a set of 7 multifunction dice? Each set includes 1 die and 2 extra bags and pouch, perfect for your DND (Dice and Dungeons) campaign! Dice can be used in many different types of games, including RPGs, tabletop RPG games, and Yahtzee.

6. Transparent Resin Polyhedral 7-Die Dice – Great Looking and Feel Good to Roll

6# Transparent Resin Polyhedral 7-Die Dice

Meet the most excellent dice set in town! Keep your grip on this hot piece as you make roll after roll, with precise golden numbers, easy to read for Dungeons and Dragons players. And if that’s not enough, these dice come with a unique black smoke element which makes them look mysterious and fantastic at the same time. So go ahead and give it a roll!

7. Haxtec DnD Dice Set (Dark Green Clear Amber) – Well Balanced Set

7# Haxtec DnD Dice Set (Dark Green Clear Amber)

Have a great DND session with the Haxtec DND dice set. This challenging product comes with 7 cool little polyhedral dice that are perfect for your RPG board games. Your fellow gamers will be in awe of the dark green, clear and amber resin finish.

8. DnD Dice Set – 20×7 (140 Pieces) – Best Biggest Set

8# DnD Dice Set – 20×7 (140 Pieces)

Take on your adventure with this nifty dice set! This DND dice set includes 5 double-color dice sets. Each 7-die set will have 1 d20, one d12, 2d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one 9d8, one d6 and one d4. These polyhedral are made of acrylic material, so they are durable – plus they come in a variety of 24 colors to suit all style preferences (including colors like black and teal)! These lovely numbers show there is something for everyone.

9. Hand-Carved Crystal Stone DND Dice Set – Best Hand-Carved Set

9# Hand-Carved Crystal Stone DND Dice Set

The Amogeeli 7pcs Hand-Carved Crystal Stone DND Dice Set is an excellent addition to your game closet or collection. One of the most versatile dice you will ever use, this set comes with each side engraved, so numbers are easy to read and distinguish between 6 and 9 thanks to our dot mark on the sixes! With unique moments that only come during gameplay, you’ll never forget these dice as they always bring back fond memories.

10. KakapopoTCG Metal Dice Set Extra Heavy – Best Extra Heavy Set

10# KakapopoTCG Metal Dice Set Extra Heavy

Get your dice rolls going with a heavy metal set! This fantastic, high-dollar piece of equipment is guaranteed to be way better than whatever those other losers are using. It’s big, it’s shiny, and it will make any GM drool.

Dice Tray for Rolling with Magnetic Snaps – Highly Recommend

Dice Tray for Rolling with Magnetic Snaps

Get up to six sets of dice in one place! The CASEMATIX Dice Tray and Rolling Case is made with a durable hardwood frame to hold your games together. It features magnetic snaps for an easy close, which doubles as the lid that can serve as its own rolling area!

FAQ about D&D Dice

What are polyhedral RPG dice?

Polyhedral RPG dice are precision-crafted gaming tools used by gamers worldwide for tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Pathfinder, and other tabletop RPGs. They come in various shapes, such as pyramids or teardrops, distinguished from standard six-sided cube-shaped game components like poker chips or playing cards.

What are the different shapes of RPG dice?

Each polyhedral Die has a specific meaning based on its shape, describing things like probability, statistics, and combinations. The most common D&D dice set includes one four-sided (d04), six-sided (d06) ten-sided (d0l), twelve-sided(dl20) and twenty sides d20). However, you may also find some containing eight-, fourteen-, sixteen -and even thirty two-sided D&D dice in our collection! Our metal sets feature unique designs, while our other collections have options for both classic colors and vibrant ones with glow-in-dark paint jobs. Most of our dice have a satin matte coating, but some are also available in polished or metal finishes to suit your gaming style.

What is the difference between D&D and Pathfinder RPG Dice?

Although they may look similar, there are actually many differences between them, making each set unique for different purposes. Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) was created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. At the same time, Pathfinder RPG was developed by Paizo Publishing’s Erik Mona, who acquired the license from Wizards of Coast when it ended its publication in 2007. Although both games use polyhedral game pieces, their dice sets vary on several aspects like material used, several sides, etc., so you might want to check these before making your purchase.

Are dice really necessary?

Some players prefer to use cards or board game pieces instead. D&D & Pathfinder gamers agree that polyhedral dice are a must-have. They can be used to determine the number of attacks, hit points, and damage dealt by weapons or spells during battle scenes with monsters and villains. They can also be used to roll for random encounters, looting treasure chests, etc. These components make up an essential part of every RPG player’s arsenal, so now would be a great time if you haven’t invested in them already!

What is the purpose of each color on my d20?

Each color has its own significance, which can describe things like probability, statistics, and combinations. Although most gamers are familiar with the standard red color for all twenty sides of a d20 die, there is more than just one! The most common stains on D&D & Pathfinder dice include black (0), blue(I), green(11+), purple (/\) pink (+/-), while our metal sets feature unique designs which you can choose from depending on what best suits your gaming style.

How do I use RPG dice?

There’s really no right or wrong way to play RPGs, so whatever works best for your group should be fine as long as everyone agrees before starting to play. However, being able to read the numbers helps a lot when rolling for checks and attacks. For example, a roll of ’20’ is usually considered a critical success. Hence, if you’re after something specific like succeeding on an episode or avoiding damage, then aim for the highest number you can get!

How many RPG dice do I need?

You do not need one die for each character. Most D&D & Pathfinder gamers recommend getting three sets of dice. One group is for your player, one set is for the monsters, and one set is just if you meet any wandering monsters. More than that may be needed depending on how many creatures your party encounters, but even beginners can start with just two sets, while more experienced players prefer six-eight core sets.

Which die gets used the most?

The twenty-sided Die (d20) is the most popular and versatile RPG dice used for almost all rolls in these games. This includes calculating attacks, hit points & damage dealt with enemies during battle scenes by rolling on character sheets. While 14-16sided D&D / Pathfinder dice are also common among gamers; however they get used less frequently than the d20s because of their higher numbers which can slow down gameplay when it gets too complicated or confusing to stick with one type per game session if possible.

Can I tell if my dice are indeed “random”?

The only dice that are 100% random (and thus fair) would be a six-sided die because there’s no way to influence its roll. However, most gamers prefer the 20-sided one, which is still considered pretty darn close despite not being truly random as it can be affected by external factors like lighting or sound waves, etc.

Is there a way to test the randomness of my dice?

Since there is no perfect way to test for randomness, most D&D / Pathfinder players rely on the dice tower, which allows them to throw their twenty-sided (d20) die inside where it can tumble and fall out randomly.

What is the floating die test for randomness or balance?

Another method of testing whether or not your dice are genuinely random is called the floating die test. To do this, you’ll need to take a 20 sided dice and balance it on top of another with its numbers facing up (i.e., above). If both sides come down randomly, then they’re considered perfectly balanced. Still, if one side keeps landing face-up, that number will be “cursed” and never appear during gameplay, which could affect all roles in any future battle scenes involving that character!

What happens when I roll doubles?

Most D&D / Pathfinder gamers typically use three dice for each check. So if two matching results show up, then it’s usually treated as an automatic success unless otherwise stated by the Game Master. However, some groups prefer to roll the dice again. They do this when they have doubled. It is good to roll the dice when you have doubles or triplets.

What kind of dice is the most random?

Although there is no such thing as a genuinely random die, gamers typically prefer the 20-sided (d20) dice that get rolled most often during gameplay, like in combat scenes. However, fourteen and sixteen-sided D&D / Pathfinder dice can be used too, although they tend to get less use because of their higher numbers, making them more likely to slow down or confuse players, especially when rolling lots at once!

What is an interesting fun fact about gaming dice?

Dice are the oldest game pieces found on Earth. They date back to at least 3500 BC in ancient Mesopotamia, where people would play games with painted turtle shells like the ones used for gambling today!

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