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Category: Warhammer 40K

The Warhammer 40K category is a great place to start if you’re looking for information about the game, how to play it, or just want to find out more about the background and setting. There are also plenty of articles on painting and modelling your miniatures, as well as strategies and tactics for playing the game.

So have a browse through the articles in this category and see what takes your fancy – there’s bound to be something here that will interest you.

  • The Horus Heresy Age of Darkness

    The Horus Heresy Age of Darkness is an iconic era within the Warhammer 40k universe, marked by betrayal, chaos, and a galactic civil war that forever altered the course of humanity’s future. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the lore and history of this tumultuous time, while also providing you with a step-by-step…

  • Warhammer Horus Heresy

    Dive into the Warhammer Horus Heresy saga, one of the most captivating and enduring stories in the world of science fiction. From the table-top games to the novels, this article will serve as your comprehensive guide to the Warhammer 40,000 universe and the Horus Heresy event that shaped it. So, buckle up and prepare to…

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Warhammer 40K Starter Sets

    A Beginner’s Guide to Warhammer 40K Starter Sets

    I got into the Warhammer 40K tabletop hobby at the end of 2020, and the first decision I had to make was how to get started. After all, I needed miniatures for this, and in addition to many individual packs, I came across the starter sets for the 9th edition. In this article, you’ll learn…

  • Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave – Review

    Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave – Review

    Greetings, fellow Warhammer enthusiasts! As avid fans of the franchise, I am well aware that Games Workshop has been reviving some of their classic projects, and I was thrilled to get my hands on the highly anticipated board game Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave. But does it live up to the hype? Join me as I take…