About Richard Baker

I was really excited that I had found a new hobby! I got my airbrush set up and started reading the tutorials on Reddit. It was challenging, but so much fun. I learned how to mix paints, use an airbrush for basecoating and shading and highlighting, clean it all up with thinner, fix mistakes with a brush or paint stripper…

Professional Summary

I’ve been quiet for a while, but I wanted to give back and share my story. It all started early 2011 when I was messing around with some airbrushes. The first thing that caught my eye was an old school Star Wars X-Wing kit — it looked so nice! So I went on eBay, found someone selling it for cheap, and did the buy now. In the next few weeks after work or during lunch breaks at home, I would spend time putting this kit together.

Who knew that an old hobby shop would be the key to my adult career. Growing up, I always loved painting, constructing and assembling miniatures of all shapes and sizes. But as I got older, life seemed to get in the way. It was hard for me to find time or money for my hobby of choice. Then one day I went by a little shop on Nassau Street with some Testors paints and found myself picking up where I left off years ago. Nowadays there are so many miniature games that allow you to construct your own army from scratch! There’s something so satisfying about putting together these tiny pieces into a single unit like it was nothing!

Publications & Presentations

I’ve been published in both Airbrush Action and FineScale Modeler magazines. Additionally, I’ve given numerous presentations on airbrushing at various conventions including the local Mid-Atlantic Hobbyist Trade Show (MAHTS), spectacularly located in Timonium, MD.

Please feel free to check out some of my published works and presentations below. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Airbrush Action Magazine
  • FineScale Modeler Magazine
  • Mid-Atlantic Hobbyist Trade Show (MAHTS) Presentations

Work Experience

I’m a (very) casual gamer who has been playing for over 15 years. I have experience in both Warhammer and 3D printing, but my knowledge is not as extensive as those with more experience. My goal is to help others get started out; if you are interested in either of these things, I will tell you what resources are available to learn from!

How I Write

Richard Baker

I know all the things you want to buy and I will show you. If there is anything that confuses me, I’ll be sure to ask someone who knows more than me about it!

Welcome to BestScaleModel

Richard Baker is a miniature painter and has been painting for about 10 years. He started his website, BestScaleModel, to share his past experience and knowledge in building and painting miniatures with the world. His articles are full of great advice that he’s learned over the years from both books and personal experience.